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Home Safe Basic

Helping you stay safe at home. Our HomeSafe Basic service utilizes a home landline and is an affordable way to help you maintain your independence, while being prepared in the event of an emergency. HomeSafe Traditional includes a help button, a communicator, and 24/7 access to our Nanaimo based Response Centre.

You can select a help button pendant to wear around your neck; or, if you prefer, a wristband style help button.

Starting at $37/month


How The Service Works

1. Summon Help

Simply press your button to activate the two-way communicator unit and connect to the 24-hr response centre.

2. Hear a reassuring voice

A caring Lifeline response associate will quickly answer the call and access your personal profile to determine the exact help you need.

3. Know help is on the way

Our response associate contacts a neighbour, loved one or emergency services – based on your preferences and situation.

Notable Features


Wear your device in the bath or in the shower, where falls are most common.

Worry-free Battery

Battery is long-lasting, and we’ll automatically replace it when needed.


As your most dependable accessory, the lightweight pendant or wristband can be comfortably worn above or under clothing.

No Phone Line Needed

Don’t have a home phone? We also have a cellular option that does not require any special equipment.

Two-way Communication

The Communicator amplifies sound so you can hear and be heard throughout your home.

Powerful Coverage

Your help button has a wide range of operations, so you can call for help anywhere in and around your home within range of the in-home communicator.

Is Lifeline Home Safe
Right For You?

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