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On the Go
Mobility System

Support your active lifestyle by giving yourself the freedom to safely do what you love. Wherever. Whenever. Stay protected anywhere in Canada with our advanced GPS locator and automatic fall detection, ensuring quick access to help even if you are unable to press the button yourself.

Our all-in-one On the Go system allows for Two-Way Voice Communication during a fall or emergency, and easy access to our response center associates 24/7.

Starting at $69/month


How On the Go Works

1. Summon Help

Press your Mobile Help Button at any time. If you fall and can’t push your button, the fall detection feature will automatically call for help.

2. Hear a reassuring voice

A caring Lifeline response associate will quickly access you personal profile and assess the situation.

3. Get Located

Lifeline quickly pinpoints your location through your mobile pendant and determines exactly where you are.

4. Know help is on the way

Our response associate contacts a neighbour, loved one or emergency services – based on your preferences and situation.

Notable Features


You can wear it in the shower or bath, where falls often occur.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery can last up to five days on a single charge. However, we still recommend charging daily. A simple to-set-up charging station is included.

All-in-one System

This single-piece system provides fast access to help whenever and wherever you need it.

No Phone Line Needed

Don’t have a home phone? We also have a cellular option that does not require any special equipment.

Advanced GPS

Locator monitors you anywhere in Canada.

Powerful Coverage

Your help button has a wide range of operations, so you can call for help anywhere in and around your home within range of the in-home communicator.

Is Lifeline On the Go
Mobility Right For You?

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