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HomeSafe with AutoAlert

The #1 most widely adopted fall detection

AutoAlert provides added peace of mind

Lifeline with AutoAlert works with multiple sensors embedded in a powerful microprocessor that is always on and always ready. When a person goes about their daily routine, whether it’s sitting, going up and down the stairs or lying down, AutoAlert is registering their activity and movement. Lifeline with AutoAlert uses patented technology that constantly measures changes in height orientation to a horizontal position and velocity. When a fall occurs, AutoAlert recognizes the difference between every day movements and a fall.  It calls for help automatically.

AutoAlert Fall Detection
Your AutoAlert pendant is designed to sense when you fall and contact Lifeline automatically if you don’t push the button. It detects over 95% of many types of falls.

Uninterrupted Support
Unlike a cell phone, you wear your help button on you at all times, so help is always just a button press away.

Two-Way Voice Communication
Speak directly with a Lifeline Response Associate through your in-home Communicator.

Wide Range of Operation
Your help button will send alerts from anywhere in or around your home, as long as you’re within range of the in-home Communicator.

Access to Our Response Centres 24/7
Nanaimo Lifeline Associates are professionally trained, standing by to answer your call and assess the level of emergency.